Our First TIME for Sports Baseball Camp

I want to thank God for the opportunity to make the first baseball camp with around 28 young people of different ages. After more than 3 years of prayer and plans God gave us the opportunity to make it a reality.  Just weeks before the camp we did not have enough money for all the youth to participate, and I was really worried but God answered the prayer and immediately touched the heart of many people to support us with this need, and we raised enough money for not only for the camp, but other needs of sport ministries.

We had several days of baseball practice, not only focused on sports but also on the spiritual side as well and we had several speakers who shared the most wonderful stories about our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of God to work in people.

Three young people were saved, it is more than enough to continue this ministry and expand the kingdom of God through sports. After this exciting experience in our first camp, we are working hard for our second camp that will be this summer. Please continue to pray for the growth of sports ministries!

Our goal in sports ministries is to have little leagues and train them from an early age, so in the future, they can play baseball respecting others, discipline and spiritual knowledge to live a life as God wants.  At TIME for Sports, we want to teach English to the children, to guide them not to leave school to get a dream, but rather to be able to study to achieve that dream.

Our plans are great not only in baseball but also in basketball, volleyball, and other sports as well, with the purpose of saving lives for our Lord.

You have the opportunity to be part of this ministry and change the lives of thousands of young people who want to reach the big leagues, so continue to pray for us because it’s TIME for Sports!

If you would like more information about TIME for Sports or would like to support our ministry, please contact me at jcrivera@timeministries.org.

-JC Rivera

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TIME Women’s Ministry 

2017 slipped away!  Let’s celebrate together the time God has given to the ministry, Woman, Practice Your Faith!!

Together we can shout, “Lord, thank you for being good!  Thank you for loving me! Thank you for the cross! Thank you for paying for my sins and for the compassion which you had on our ministry these past seven years.  Like YOU there is no one else!”

These past years have provided us strength, inspiration and have renewed us through His Word and by meeting sisters from different places. How glorious is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We can say: “Ebenezer, until now you have helped us,  Jehovah!  1 Samuel 7:12.

In November’s gathering, about 112 ladies visited us!  The lectures were filled with power and the Lord’s glory!  The testimonies were a great refreshment for those who attended those 3 days.  The decoration was marvelous, beautiful and delicate.  The ladies demonstrated hearts open to the wisdom of God. During our 7th conference, we had the opportunity to share some testimonies in the Dominican Republic with ladies from Cuba.

Mariela de Mayo, Pastor Vladimir Mayo’s wife, and founder of the Woman of Impact Ministry, had the following impressions of our conference:

She could not remain silent about the marvelous things she saw and experienced among us.  She was impacted by God in the DR upon seeing how the schedule unfolded during our conference, Woman, Practice Your Faith.  She has filled herself with ideas, and her vision for Cuba is larger.  She is very excited to have us return to Cuba to continue developing an impactful program there.  During a conversation with Mariela in 2016, when I barely knew her, I explained the vision for the ministry of Woman, Practice Your Faith.  And she answered me, “Well, that’s the same thing we’re doing here in Cuba”.  So God united two ordinary women to unite His plan and vision in different countries.    When I arrived to Havana this year, I only went with the purpose of introducing Mothers United in Prayer.  However, I left Cuba being the coordinator of the Ministry, Woman of Impact founded by Mariela.  God uses us how and where He wishes!

{To those who are reading this report: I wish to tell you that we only want to be instruments in the hands of the Master.  Oh, that He may use us where He desires.  We do not seek glory, because to Him is all the glory!  He is an Omnipotent God!  He does not need anyone to impact men and women to accomplish His work.  He alone is God!}

Leonila Regla Perez, wife of Pastor Raidel Romero in Cuba.

I (Anyoly) was invited by this couple in 2016 to share my testimony in their church.  Sister Leonila was very excited to attend our conference, Woman,  Practice Your Faith;  and God fulfilled her desire by bringing her to the Dominican Republic once again in 2017.  She expressed to me how God has used the ministry of Woman, Practice Your Faith in order to expand His Kingdom here on earth.  She has  begun a ministry with women who want freedom from sin; and thus in 2016 she started a ministry, Woman, You Are Free.  This ministry has spread out in Cuba; sharing the Gospel and encouraging many women to continue the legacy which God has given them.  Being here in our conference, she expressed the great joy she felt.  Her tears did not stop during Healing the Heart, (our foot washing ceremony) in that God had already blessed her so much with our themes, and the fellowship with the foreign and Dominican ladies.  She also was delighted in our Sunday morning worship service and wishes to continue visiting our women’s conferences.

The United States

We received powerful testimonies chosen by God Himself.  One sister approached me to say that the conference was very beneficial to her personal life.  All that our foreign sisters shared restored our ladies who thought that their lives were done.  However, upon hearing these testimonies, their lives were renewed with new inspiration in this year 2017.

We’ve received marvelous experiences and answers from God.  Our sisters have enjoyed themselves greatly.  The games, decorations, the rich and delicious food, speakers, testimonies, songs, and a chest filled with wonderful surprises.

The DR

New ladies from different churches visited our conference.  When they first arrived they assumed this conference would be like other ones in our city.  But they approached me with tears saying that God had touched their lives in this conference.  God spoke to my life as well in this conference and we thank the Lord for showing His glory in each activity which we develop each year!

Submitted by Anyoly Rivera de Figueroa,  Director of TIME Women’s Ministries

  The projected 2018 program and budget for Woman, Practice Your Faith 

  1. Each month we have a pastor and his family for whom we pray. ( $ 350 )
  2. The first Sunday of each month our staff meets for prayer and fellowship.  ($150.00)
  3. Visits for Mothers United in Prayer in different places within the DR.  (350)
  4. January 10th we’ll hold a reunion with all involved in Mothers United in Prayer. ($200.00)
  5. February 11-16 Anyoly going there for a counseling training seminar in Indianapolis .($1800.00)
  6. May a teachers’ training  (500 )
  7. June a trip to raise support for our budget.
  8. June 2nd, a Bible class at Girasoles  ($500.00)
  9. June 11th, Meditation for experienced ladies 50- 60 years of age.  $500.00.
  10. 10.September in Cuba for a Woman of Impact conference ($2,500)
  11. 11.November 8-10th conference for Woman, Practice Your Faith with the theme: “REST”                ( Exodus 14:14) ($6,000)

“Thank YOU, Lord, for all YOU did, have done and will do!  Your love is deep and we experience it each time we enter in communion with YOU.  Thank YOU for the mercy YOU’ve given to Woman, Practice Your Faith.  It has been such a great blessing to be able to do these activities for your honor and glory! Amen”

Prayer Requests:

Please, pray for:

1.  Our annual budget.

2.  Good health for everyone on our Women’s Ministry staff

3.  The funds for the trips to Indianapolis and Cuba

4.  The Mothers United in Prayer to remain constant in prayer

5.  The future speakers of our next November conference

-Anyoly Rivera (translated by Sherry Winters)