Crazy God Story

Crazy God StoryCrazy Love Story. 

It is a crazy story and it truly is incredible how great our God is. When we look back over our lives many times we can see the amazing hand that God has on our lives and how he is in complete control! My wife and I were in Monterrey Mexico the same month and year. We believe that we were even at some of the same locations on the same day based on my date stamp on some of my pictures. I come from Minnesota and my wife is from Mexico City. I was on a TIME Mission with my Youth Group and she was exploring another part of Mexico. We did not meet each other in Monterrey. In fact, we did not meet until 12 years later when we both were living in Anchorage Alaska. I had been in Anchorage for about two years at that point and my wife, Carmen, had been living there just a little less time than me. We lived one block from each other and I used to walk past her home daily on my way to work. Even with all these many opportunities I was blind and did not know my wife was right in front of me.

In May 1998, I had a new roommate. I did not know my roommate prior to him moving in as he came from a remote area of Alaska to take a class at the University for the Summer. This roommate had lived with me for two weeks when he came home one night and told me that he had met the perfect girl for me. I wasn’t so sure as he barely knew me. Carmen came over for dinner the beginning of June in 1998 and during that dinner is when we discovered how God has been placing us in each other’s lives. We became friends that summer. Carmen’s permissions to be in the USA were expiring in September and she needed to return to Mexico.

On the day she was to return to Mexico I decided that this is the woman that God meant for me. I proposed to her and I made a video to ask her parents for their blessings. I then took Carmen to the airport and off she went to Mexico. Our plan was to marry in Mexico then return to Alaska. We both felt that it was important to attend premarital counseling, so Carmen went to the Embassy in Mexico City and asked for permission to return as a tourist. Because she had just returned to Mexico it seemed odd that she was requesting to come back to the USA so quickly and typically this would have been denied. God’s hand was on this and her Visa was approved.

Carmen returned to the USA on November 11th, 1998. As she was coming through Immigration she was pulled aside and searched as well as she was questioned at length to find out why she was coming back so quickly.  Immigration found letters in her suitcase that I had written expressing my love and our plans. This is another miracle from God as we did not have permission at this point from the US Government to marry. Carmen would have been denied entry. We feel that God performed another miracle and blinded the agent from our intentions and allowed Carmen to pass. Yet another miracle from God was a week after this when we were in the Immigration office and God put the right people on our path and assisted us with what we needed to be legal. When we look back we see God’s hand on our lives and how God’s plan was always in play. Carmen and I were married November 25, 1998. 6 months after officially meeting one another.

My wife and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage this year. Carmen and I both work for our County Government in Social Services serving the disabled. I am working as a health assessor and assist individuals who need PCA or Government Waivers to live safely in the community. Carmen is a public guardian for about 50 developmentally disabled people.  God has blessed us with a house in Puerto Morelos Mexico. This is about 25 min south of Cancun. And we are currently building another house about 6 blocks from this first house. Our plan is to pay off our debt then relocate to Mexico. This area is in desperate need for God’s love and truth.

For the last 4 years I have been watching the growth of our town including the problems that come with it. Because our area is such a tourist area and the endless party scene is pushed, many are pulled from God and many kids are being left to fend for themselves. Cancun used to have an orphanage run by an older couple, but they had to close their doors a little over a year ago when God called home the house mom. I know there is a need in this area. I see the increase of the Mormons and the Jehovah Witness and the pull that they have on the residents of this area. The need to witness to the residents of the Riviera Maya as well as to the tourists. Just passing through the airport this past November I overheard a father and son talking about being atheist then Christian then becoming atheist again. Lee Strobel’s A case for Christ raced through my mind. I missed my opportunity to interject with this father and son, but I believe God put them there where I could over hear their conversation. I do not know what God has planned for us or how he will use us. I do feel that God is hitting us hard and making it clear that this is where he wants us.

It is amazing how God opened my heart for Mexico and the Mexican people so many years ago with my first Mission trip with TIME. I even remember Zeral’s wake up whistle combined with the sound of the roosters. This experience went beyond the plan of reaching the people of Mexico for Christ. It went beyond building Churches in the areas around Monterrey. This experience led me to a deeper love for Christ in my life and prepared me for meeting my future wife. You have my permission to use my words on how God has led our lives. God has a plan for every step we take. We may not see his plan but trust in the Lord! He is in control. You also have permission to edit as you see fit. Sometimes I tend to ramble and give too much information.

With God’s Love,

Andrew Sisson

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