“God always fulfills His purpose.” Psalm 138:1-8

“I will praise You, LORD, with all my heart; before the “gods” I will sing Your praise.                                                                    I will bow down toward Your holy temple and will praise Your name for Your unfailing love and Your faithfulness, for You have so exalted Your solemn decree that it surpasses Your fame. When I called, you answered me; You greatly emboldened me.  May all the kings of the earth praise You, LORD, when they hear what You have decreed.   May they sing of the ways of the LORD, for the glory of the LORD is great.  Though the LORD is exalted, He looks kindly on the lowly; though lofty, He sees them from afar.   Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life.  You stretch out Your hand against the anger of my foes; with your right hand     You save me.  The LORD will vindicate me; Your love, LORD, endures forever—do not abandon the works of Your hands.”  (NIV Bible)

Thanksgiving ought to be an integral part of our praise to God. This theme is woven throughout the Psalms.  When we thank Him for His material and spiritual blessings, we also need to thank Him for answering our prayers! Do you recall when David asked God for His protection, strength, comfort, patience, love and other special needs and He gave them to him?  Don’t think that God will always give us everything we want, nor will He grant us all we request.  But we can be certain that He will complete His work.  (Bible Diario Vivir- Daily Living)

We all dream and make plans.  We labor arduously to see our dreams and plans become realities. But in order to make the best of this life, we need to include God’s plans among ours. Only He really knows what is best for us.  Well, I have so many reasons for gratitude to You, my LORD! (Bible Diario Vivir – Daily Living)

The favor of God has always been around you who are reading these words and around me.  His favor never fails.  His desire is that you and I always thank Him for what He does.  The Christian life is not simply praying, having a good relationship with others and having good Bible reading.  We need to be              grateful.  I Thess. 5:17

The purpose of this letter is to give thanks to God for the annual program of the Woman, Practice Your Faith ministry.  The project of WPYF 2018 is being fulfilled.

Each month we have a pastor and his family for whom we pray.

Every first Sunday of the month our WPYF staff gathers to pray.

We make visits throughout the country for Mothers United in Prayer.

January 10th, a reunion for Mothers United in Prayer.

February 11-16thtraining for counseling in Indianapolis

March 15thWomen’s Program in Boca Chica

April 7thWomen’s Retreat in Quisqueya

January 2018

Every first Sunday the staff meets to pray, have breakfast together and plan that which we’ll do next.  It’s a way we can pray for and interact with each other.  In this way we get to know each other better, forgive each other and serve others.  Our team is very involved in the activities which we normally do.  And this causes the Woman, Practice Your Faith staff to be stronger in Christ.  Thank God we have been meeting to pray specifically for pastors for three years already.

We have received answers and plans from God.  We had our gathering and more women were involved in the ministry of Mothers United.  We have seen our petitions answered and countless praises for what He has done. For this reason, it is very important to give thanks.

In Cuba there have been marvelous answers to prayer since my visit there to share about Mothers United.  I have received four letters telling me about activities in different parts of Cuba.  There have been up to 50 to 60 ladies in attendance in each gathering and many prayers have been answered.  We are infinitely grateful and to You they will sing of the ways of the Lord.  Psalm 138:5

February 2018

This was a month filled with blessings!  I received counseling classes at the 3rdlevel.  This is one manner of reinforcing the ministry of Woman, Practice Your Faith by helping the women with counseling. Thank you to all who in one way or another prayed or financially supported me in this trip which was a blessing. I was able to share with different ladies.  They helped me visit Philadelphia where I shared about Woman, Practice Your Faith and they were very excited.   I also was in Florida where I shared with other churches.  God provided grace for them to hear about the testimony of the ministry of Woman, Practice Your Faith.  Oh, God, thank you for listening to the voice of the humble.  Psalm 138:6

March 2018

An activity with the ladies from several churches in Boca Chica. Originally, we had planned to have a retreat at Quisqueya in March.  However, the date was changed to April 7th.  Instead we had one evening in Boca Chica on March 15thwith a team from Westchester EFC in Des Moines.  I shared about Mothers United which was new for the ladies there and we presented Days for Girls along with a program of music.  The church was packed!!

April 2018

As I mentioned God changed our original date and plans.  But His plans are not ours.  Thus, the purpose of this blog entry is to thank God for His plans! The activity in Quisqueya was marvelous, with a theme chosen by their leader and the need of the women: “Look to Jesus”                                                            We shared.  This was our second year to celebrate the fruits of the ministry of Woman, Practice Your Faith.  The speakers were:  Vernon Figueroa, Noe Figueroa and Anyoly Rivera.   57 ladies were in attendance who were touched by God’s Word.  Allow me to share one testimony of a lady who accepted Jesus.

Last October our sister, Sherry Winters, and three of her USA friends invited me to visit various chapels that their church had helped construct in the DR.  Thus, we were able to invite some leaders to attend the conference in November.  The result was that we visited a lady with whom I shared the Gospel.  That day we sang “Hay Libertad” (There is Freedom) and she accepted Jesus.  We congratulated her.  And then after several months we met again in Quisqueya where I greeted her, but she did not remember me.  However, later during the conference when we again sang “Hay Libertad” (There is Freedom) this lady’s mind began to recall and she told me, “You are the person who helped me find Jesus Christ.  What a blessing!  My life has been changed.  Jesus changed my life and my heart became joyous.”  Thus, I give thanks to the Holy Spirit because He is the One who convinces. And I praise God for His marvelous love for having allowed us to share with the women of Quisqueya.  You have revived us!!  Psalm 138:7

I can say “Ebenezer, until now the Lord have helped me serve Him in the school at Los Girasoles.” This is the beautiful testimony where He initiated a work to sow the Word in 238 children.  For three years we’ve been working giving classes on Mondays from 8:00-9:00 am.  About 20-30 children have accepted the Lord Jesus.  He is the One who reaps, and I know He will do it because many of us are the fruit of that harvest!

In this month of April, I was invited to participate in an Olympic event where many activities took place: singing, modeling, literature, information on how to start a business, dance and many other things.  But what most caught my attention is how the Word of God remains seeded in their hearts.  Many of these children do not have Christian families.  Despite this, however, they have decided to serve God, and this is the will of God.  In this same month we could provide a medical clinic where about 140 people participated. Among these, 5 decided to receive Jesus in their hearts and one of them is now attending a church and others are in the process of doing likewise.   I have decided to serve Him and sow the Word.  The harvest is great, but the workers are few.  Our desire ought to be to do His will, love people, and He will make the changes in their lives.  There are so many things we can do for His glory.  I don’t want to turn back!  I want to follow the Master doing that which He did here on earth.  And I will follow Him!!

Thank You Lord for all You did, have done and for that which You will do.  Your love is deep, and we experience it each time we enter communion with You.  Thank You for the mercy You’ve had with Woman, Practice Your Faith.  It has been a great blessing to be able to do these activities for Your honor and glory!!

No fear ought to come into our lives!  Only God knows about the future!  These words of thanksgiving have given me the strength to continue the purpose of God in my life – the ministry of Women, Practice Your Faith. I am not afraid!  He will always provide!  He is Jehovah Jireh.  My plan for this next conference in November is “Rest in Him and He Will Do the Rest!”  Proverbs 3:5-6

“Apoyes” (lean) gives the idea of putting all one’s weight on something; resting and trusting in that person or thing upon which one finds support.  When we have an important decision to make, sometimes we feel we cannot trust anyone, not even God.  Nevertheless, He knows what is best for us.  He even judges better than we regarding what we really want!  We ought to trust in Him completely in all decisions we make. This does not mean we should stop thinking carefully nor scorn the reasoning ability which God has given us. It means, nevertheless, that we should not view ourselves as wise in our own eyes.  We should always be ready to listen to the Word of God and what wise counselors advise.  Take your decisions to God in prayer!  Let us read the Bible as a guide and then continue in the direction that God gives. He will make your paths straight as He guides and protects us.  (Bible Daario Vivir- “Daily Living”)

REST in HIM!  Giving thanks to Him always because He never will abandon the work of HIS hands!

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