“and though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him -a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 ESV

Recently, our family had the opportunity to travel to the States. It was a rather quick trip and very quickly planned. We knew that it really needed to be God’s Desire, plan and touch to make this trip work. There was a significant amount of details to work out and just the act of packing for a family of four in a manner of days would be a miracle. There was something inside of us that sensed God working and we kept hearing a small quiet voice say, “Trust!”

It was then, early on a Sunday morning, that we were blessed to board a flight to NYC.  This was the first in our journey, though that quiet voice continued to say “Trust.”  I felt peace as we journeyed to our destination in the West where we were to join friends.  It was there that we were encircled with love, care and friendship.  This friendship was a sweet blessing to me and to our family. We received far more than we could have imagined.

Throughout the trip we were encircled by friends and our children.  I could feel life coming back to my soul. It’s not that the life was gone, though exhaustion had set in. It was through these friendship gatherings and long conversations that our lives became encircled in love and care. The meetings and coffee excursions quenched my soul as I felt so many of our friends spend time pouring into us. I also saw so many others investing into the lives of our children too.

In every location we visited I saw my children encircled by friends and be engulfed with love and care.  Their faces lit up as they played from dawn to dusk.  Time and time again the circle of the trampoline became their meeting place and jump after jump came with more joy than the one before.  One never knows what they may encounter and even more for our children.  The blessings that we experienced filled our souls and our children too.

The true impact became more real as we returned to the field. The joy, love and grace began to overcome me as I realized how impactful this last trip truly was.  I experienced a circle of friends that I may not see every day nor may even talk to them on a regular basis though the life they poured into my family and my soul is incomprehensible.  I have now begun to realize the circle of friends I have been blessed to have around the world.  The power these circles must help us energize and rejuvenate us in ministry is something I haven’t tapped into. This is what I pray I may begin to do.  We all become tired and exhausted with life at times, though it can be through friendship that we can be brought back to life again.  Friends give us another perspective; another outlook on life.  I pray that you also may find these life circles to be re-energized again; to be brought back to life.  May the Lord engulf you in love and friendship where you may have life poured back into you for His joy to fill you.

For those life circles you may have in your life, may we thank our Lord for those who are a well of His loving, living water to us and a refreshing drink to our soul.  I pray that we may be rooted together in His love, grace and care.  Also, that our relationships may grow in the months and years to come. Thank you for the life-giving circles that we currently experience and those in the future that we may be blessed to encounter.



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