God Proves himself to us. 

13575905_10208069239987912_1481355585316880438_oI am astounded that God is willing to teach us great and wonderful things about Him. Why does God do this thing called me.  Rick is a complicated and fussing man. God’s oversight of Rick, crazy.  At 58 you would think I could mostly believe what God says. All these years of God proving himself too me and I am still amazed. I think it has a lot to do with my memory. I don’t remember bad things and I must recall the good things that God has provided.  Maybe it’s a gift, my brain and the way it works, I don’t know. I am overwhelmed by God goodness. Take the occasion of Charlotte, my wife. She is a direct upshot of God’s watching over.  I could have never known (in 1984) when I married Char that she would help rid me of my most dangerous enemy. ME!  What a gift! 

God looks over us. 

Screenshot 2018-08-24 09.48.10Take the life of Dorretta Brown, TIME Ministries founder.  Wow!  at 95 she continues to lead and be a big part of TIME’s success. Dorretta leads the entire staff of TIME in prayer. She is completely gospel centered in her life. She understands that prayer is the starting point. She  has complete trust in God to change lives and man, she has seen a bunch people go in and out of her life.  95 years of living on and by faiths supply. No retirement. TIME’s missionary support income and her families help (your support for Dorretta through TIME) is all she has for income. So, she continues to work, Motivated by God, armed with the gospel. 

God’s meaning is not always seen by us. 

I recently viewed a video by one of TIME’s interns explaining why she served as an intern for TIME and what God has taught her this summer.   She quoted 3 John 7. “For they have gone out for the sake of the name”. Even though she had a tough summer and learned that short-term missions is hard, she stilled remember why she came to serve. “For the Sake of the name” I learned from Taylor Gates, God meanings for us and my experiences don’t always make sense. God teaches us that “for the sake of the name” means for the sake of his name.  


God gives us confidence.  

This God given confidence is why I know God will supply TIME’s need for this fiscal year.  As stated in last month’s letter, Dorretta asked each of you who already give so much, to give an extra $15 to the general fund for the next 5 months.  Praise God some of you have responded. THANK YOU. 

Please would the rest of you, continue to pray about giving. 

Would you give to TIME?  Please consider helping TIME with a gift. Our work for the cause of Christ goes on for the rest of 2018 and we need your help to meet budget this year.  Would you pray about sending a gift? 

Please go to www.timeministries.org and donate today. An extra $15 goes along way. 



{TIME | More Than Missions – Short Term Missions!}



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